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Email | Portal | Thursday 26 May 2016

USB LED Lamp Project Year 8

Students in year 8 have been working very hard to try their hand at soldering.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practise Expedition

EAL at Strood

The EAL program at Strood Academy provides support to those students whose first language is not English.

Memory Skills Practice

111D put their memory skills to the test by completing a memory skills activity during their mathematics lesson on Tuesday.

Thorpe Park Trip

A great day was had by all at Thorpe Park on Saturday 23rd April.

Rates of Reaction

7t/Sc3 carry out rates of reaction experiment.

University of Greenwich Visit

On Wednesday the 24th of February, the AS physics class of Apollo Sixth Form had a wonderful opportunity to visit the campus of the University of Greenwich.