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Email | Portal | Thursday 30 October 2014 | 18°

Holiday sessions

We are delighted to offer the following sessions over the break, students must sign in and out at main reception:

Thursday 30 Oct
GCSE Maths, 10am-2pm

Friday 31 Oct
GCSE Maths, 10am-2pm

Sat 1 Nov
BTEC Science, 10am-2pm

Kiyomizu Temple and Dowaen, Kyoto

Kyoto, 27 October 2014

Sunset over Osaka

Osaka 26 October 2014

Osaka 25 October 2014

The Osaka Adventure Begins

Safely at Seoul

Stretching our legs at Seoul after a 10 hour flight

Mathematical Makeover

In Maths we have worked particularly hard this term in developing a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

Victory College Visit Thorpe Park

Students and staff enjoyed a fun-packed day at Thorpe Park recently.